Beer and a Hike

What do you do when life hands you a beautiful spring day in Kansas? Hike!!! And of course, along came the watercolors too. But I had a lot of school work to do later that day too, so I needed to pick a trail close by-nearly in my own back yard. To set the hike … More Beer and a Hike

A Blissful Backyard

It’s Spring! Or nearly. Time for grilling, chilling, and soaking up the sun. And for some people, whether you’re going essentialist on your lifestyle, or staying in because of COVID, these leisurely things are all done at home. The backyard fence of a certain house encloses within it’s secure arms the enjoyment of the little … More A Blissful Backyard

Morning, Pigeons

Each morning the sun rises, and each morning the local pigeons bask in the golden rays. When I was sick a while back, I looked out the windows often, looking forward to feeling better. Day after day, gazing out those windows made me realize how many little treasures are all around us. And these pigeons, … More Morning, Pigeons