Morning, Pigeons

Each morning the sun rises, and each morning the local pigeons bask in the golden rays. When I was sick a while back, I looked out the windows often, looking forward to feeling better. Day after day, gazing out those windows made me realize how many little treasures are all around us. And these pigeons, … More Morning, Pigeons

Geese at Night

The Article Snow Geese, all the way from the northernmost parts of Canada, winter here on the sleeping fields of the Flint Hills in Kansas. It’s always enchanting to watch them fly overhead at night, trying to get to their home before darkness completely shrouds the land. I began practicing, trying to capture the ‘feel’ … More Geese at Night

What a dog

Our family dog is a regal English mastiff. His name is Mishka. Here he is with crossed paws looking gravely at the viewer, as if to say “Why hello my people.” This is how he usually looks, except his head is a little too big on top in the painting. This is his posture when … More What a dog

Pro Eo

A colleague of mine, soon to be married, wanted to commemorate his marriage in a special way for his and his future wife’s guests. And so this colleague commissioned a painting that was to be turned into little gifts. This painting was to capture the spirit of their marriage. Just to give you a little … More Pro Eo

On our Knees

Each January 22 nearly a thousand or more members of our town come together to pray a pro life 15 decade rosary. I was torn between praying and drawing, so I made a decision just to snap a picture of some thing that sparked creative joy in me and then focused on praying. Afterwards, I … More On our Knees

Where Eagles Dare

Of all places, in the middle of Kansas!  At Lake Shawnee, in Topeka, just by the western edge, across from the golf course you can catch sight of a huge eagle’s nest. It’s very visible, held in the arms of a I saw the bald eagle flying, and bent my head back to my “deep … More Where Eagles Dare

The Fox Went Out

On January 15, 2021 we had mild blizzard-like conditions. School had not been called off, and the morning schedule continued uninterrupted. The atmosphere outside was very blustery and snowy and it was a pleasure to gaze outside from a warm cozy interior. That’s just what I was doing, as I was about to grade some … More The Fox Went Out